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Data Genius Resources, a division of Snyder, Inc., is a network of U.S. companies with a global reach who have broad consulting expertise in every vertical industry, including health care, finance, pharma, IT and talent management.

Some of our executives have held senior leadership and CIO positions with companies such as IBM and are published international thought leaders in their field.

For more information about our executive team, visit our main corporate website at

As a division of Snyder, Inc., Data Genius Resources to provide clients with confidential referrals to those experts and companies in our network who can help them most effectively, at the lowest cost, with proven technology solutions in data analytics, forecasting, customer service improvement, and business process improvement.

We also work closely with leading academic institutions in the Research Triangle Park area of North Carolina as collaborate consultants and advisors to these universities and their clients.

All of our work is confidential and covered by non-disclosure.

For more information on the breadth of our work visit David Snyder’s LinkedIn page and feel free to contact us for a private and no-cost referral to anyone in our national network if you are looking for new ways to improve your analytic for forecasting, and are also seeking to reduce costs.

Data Genius Resources Expertise


Date Genius Resources is a proud member of the Frontier Entrepreneurial Business Community of the Research Triangle Park.

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Data Genius Resources provides a team of people who can look at, manipulate and package your data so that your sales teams, marketing teams, operations teams, and supply chain teams can do their jobs more effectively an help you increase revenue and profits.